The Top Two Advantages of Selling Your Home Yourself

The Top Two Advantages of Selling Your Home Yourself

Do you ever see For Sale By Owner (FSBO) signs when you’re driving around the neighborhood? Do you ever wonder if that’s something that could be a good option for yourself? 

Life can be unpredictable. Whether or not you ever planned to sell your home, the goal of a sale is to usually make the most money out of it you can. That’s only natural. It’s not easy parting with your home, a place that you’ve lived in and invested in. But all that aside, what is the best way to sell your home? 

The answer isn’t so simple. It all boils down to the state of the market. There are times when the market tends to favor sellers and in which case, it is really worth exploring the concept of selling as a For Sale By Owner. However, take note that, despite this, selling a home on your own is still hard work. It can be worth it, but there’s a reason why most people just hire real estate agents. 

Of course, working with an agent also comes with its set advantages and disadvantages. It might cost more than you’re willing to spend to hire a good and reliable real estate agent. 

So, if you’re determined to try selling your home on your own, it’s still possible to do so and to keep more of your hard earned equity. With the knowledge that FSBO has its disadvantages, let’s discuss the positives. 

Here are the top advantages of selling your home yourself:

Advantage #1: Save Money 

When you sell your home on your own, you don’t have to worry about paying for a real estate agent. Of course, that’s not to say their expertise isn’t valuable, but if you can manage to learn the ropes, you should be okay. 

The cost of hiring a real estate agent can be pretty high. So, depending on the value of the home you’re selling, it might be more beneficial for you to go it alone. There is a big chance you can save thousands of dollars by selling your home yourself. 

Real estate agents make quite a lot of money. This is because they can also charge a percentage fee based on the sale price—commissions. 

Of course, there are a lot of things that go into making a sale. It can be challenging. However, if you put in the work, not only are you going to save money, you can probably make more.

Advantage #2: Total Control

Selling your home can be a complicated process. Some people find it difficult to let go of control on how to present it, market it, price it, and so on. But with you in charge, everything is all up to you. A such, this can be a great option for those who enjoy being in control.

You set the terms. You negotiate. You prepare the home. And you make all the necessary decisions. Note that while this can be a good thing, there is a downside to things. It will be a challenge, but at least you’ll be in control.

The Bottom Line

The most appealing advantage of FSBO is the money you get to save and the money you get to keep. But to enjoy those advantages, you need to do a lot of research, work hard, and learn a few skills. 

Marketing will play a significant role in the successful sale of your home. There are also a lot of legal processes and documentation that you’ll need to take care of. If you can stay determined throughout this process, you have a good chance of achieving your goal. 

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