What Does the For Sale By Owner Process Look Like?

What Does the For Sale By Owner Process Look Like?

When you’re selling a home, there are so many things to think about. One thing that most homeowners would eye is the profit that they can make out of their property. When assessing the options of choosing a For Sale By Owner or FSBO and hiring a real estate broker, the latter would definitely shave off how much you can earn.

On average, real estate brokers take between 5-6% of the home’s sale price, which can be quite a costly deduction in the long run. Going the FSBO route may lead to a more fruitful earning on your part.

How exactly do you go about the FSBO process, though? Here’s an outline of the steps that you should encounter throughout the whole ordeal:

1) Making the Decision

Before you undergo the process, it’s best to finally decide whether you’re committing to the FSBO arrangement or not. Having more profit is good, but it’s best to ensure that your capabilities and knowledge are up to par for the task. Once you choose to label your property as FSBO, be sure you’re fully equipped to go through the entire process.

2) Setting a Price

Real estate brokers would usually name the price based on their knowledge, though you can do your own research of the housing market. By learning about what the current price ranges are and gauging how much people would pay for your home, you’d be able to provide a good estimate. 

3) Preparing a House Viewing

Going FSBO means that you will have to arrange any preparations needed for a future house viewing. Showing the home is integral in the property selling process, so it’s important that the property is show ready. Be sure to invest in home improvements where necessary and to declutter the place to be more attractive for buyers. 

4) Creating Online Listings

Digital marketing is a must now that every homebuyer is browsing online for their next home. Social media network sites like Facebook work pretty well, but you should also explore platforms that will allow you to create an online listing for your property. Don’t forget to brand it as FSBO so your buyers know!

5) Responding to Buyers

Buyers will be interested in your property, and it’s best that you’re able to promptly respond to them in order to retain their desires of offering a price and buying your home. It can be trial and error with negotiating as some buyers may seem pushier towards home sellers on an FSBO basis, but just exercise patience and find a homebuyer that you click with.

6) Getting into the Legalities

Eventually, throughout the discussions with multiple buyers, you’ll be able to land on one deal. Once you finally reach that stage, it’s time to get into the legal process of transferring the title. Getting a real estate attorney is a must for this stage in the process. Not only will they handle those documents, but they’ll also curate and file paperwork that protects you legally


Learning more about the FSBO process would be quite eye-opening as you’d know what to expect rather than going into the whole thing blind. Find proper success while sticking to those steps.

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